Rainy Days With Toddlers

Everyone needs a list like this one. We all have those desperate days when your kid is literally bouncing off the walls and the rain hasn’t stopped pounding the windows. Here’s a little list of things that we like to do/have resorted to do on those non-stop rainy days. Bring the toys to a new […]

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Me Time

What does me time mean?? According to the online Oxford Dictionary (where would we be without Google eh? – probably reading more books and owning an actual dictionary), the definition of me time is this; Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to […]

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How I Was Woken Up This Week

I cannot tell you how much I miss the days before I had kids, when all that would rouse me from my lovely, long, hours and hours of uninterrupted slumber (remember that??), was my alarm. Or perhaps the sunshine coming through the window on the weekend. Sigh. Those days are gone. This week, I forgot […]

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